English Writing: Proofreading, Coaching, Workshops

English Writing:  Proofreading, Coaching, Workshops

English writing

Why get professional proofreading and editing of your English writing?

  • You have a better chance of getting accepted to a top university, winning your big grant, or having your manuscript published.

  • Proofreading gives you perfect grammar, a clear writing style, and a competitive edge.

  • A proofread and edited document allows your reader to focus on the ideas, without being distracted by mistakes or awkward constructions.

How will proofreading improve your document?

  • I am Peter B. Pearman, your editor, and I will put your document into top shape

  • I proofread for correct English grammar and a style that conforms to the expectations that native speakers have for sentence and paragraph structure.

  • I make sure your written English is equal to that of proofreading and correcting with red pena capable native speaker and experienced author.

  • I check the organization of each section or chapter, making sure that the development through each section is clear, linked, and logical.

  • I make sure that your word choice is appropriate and not distracting.

  • I check your literature cited or bibliography section for consistent citation format.

What kinds of documents do I edit?

  • I edit all kinds of documents in English. Click here to see what kinds and follow the links to submit your document for a free quote.

Why choose ProfessionalEnglish for your proofreading?

I am highly qualified, so you can be completely confident

  • Native speaker of American English, from birth

  • Ph.D. in the biological sciences from Duke University, North Carolina, USA

I also have deep experience and success in writing and publishing in professional and technical English:

  • More than 23 years of post-Ph.D. research experience

  • Author on over 60 peer-reviewed publications (find them here)

  • Over 1.2 million USD in competitive grants (see some here).

  • Professor with a permanent position at a large university (my webpage)

  • Associate Editor for a major journal in the biological sciences.

  • Students have published in top journals (see our work in Google Scholar)


Absolutely no risk!! See our PRICES here.

  • I personally read every document that is submitted for a price quote.

  • I take personal responsibility for your document.

  • Quotes for the work are free. You only pay when you contract the work.

  • I am a successful author with a broad background, and I know what it takes to get published.

  • I have been a professor at two universities. I know what admissions officers are looking for.

  • ProfessionalEnglish is not a huge organization; you know with whom you consult from the very start. Sometimes I have a single assistant.

  • Want to know more? Read our General Terms, Conditions and Pricing.

Why, you ask, do I want to proofread your text?

As a scientist, editor and someone who has peer-reviewed a lot of manuscripts, proposals and book chapters,

  • I have seen good ideas go to waste because of faulty English.

  • I like helping people like you communicate ideas in English and become successful.

  • The infinite possibilities for professional communication in English constantly provide me with satisfying challenges.

Here is more about me.

I can help you with your English writing.

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